The Barrandov Costume and Props Department (Fundus) is an integral part of the Barrandov Studio, and one of the largest costume and props rental services in Europe. We offer more than 500,000 pieces of costumes. The range of costumes, props and make-up accessories covers historical time periods ranging from the Stone Age to the present day. The Barrandov costume and props workshops are world-renowned for their outstanding quality of workmanship.

Our Costume Department offers a unique collection of more than 350,000 costumes, footwear, wigs, hairpieces, and other accessories. We specialize in sophisticated custom-made orders and manufacture historical costumes of highest quality. 

Our Barrandov Props Department is also very extensive, featuring furniture from various historical eras (30,000 items), carpets and furnishing fabrics (20,000 items), electric props and candleholders (20,000 items) as well as hand-held props (70,000 items). 

We are ready to accommodate your audio-visual project requirements (for film, television, advertisement) as well as other events (parties, special events, exhibitions, theatre performances, professional photo sessions). We are also open for public, for personal rental.


We can also arrange weapon and classic car rental with professional consultation from our partners.


Our sales department will be glad to help and provide any information you need. Also, we can convey your costume and props selection requests “remotely” - online via e-mail, telephone, and video conferencing, with no need to pay personal visit to our warehouses or even to the Czech Republic.


For international orders, we provide world-wide costume and props transport services. We cooperate with renowned transportation companies and will be happy to meet your individual specific requirements. For countries outside the EU, we will provide the ATA Carnet documents required for customs.


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