Do you prefer a period costume made to order? Are you attending a vintage car show and wish to impress your friends?
Are you attending a historically themed parade, or a historical fencing event?
Or just want something unique for a costume-themed wedding?

Building on decades-long experience, the Barrandov dressmaking and hat-making workshops maintain a superb standard of quality for the manufacture
of film costumes and historical costumes. We specialize in highly sophisticated commissions, which require working from scratch –
from designing the patterns down to manufacturing the costume to the last detail, all at the highest quality. We are one of only a handful of remaining workshops which still employ traditional techniques in the creation of dresses and hats.

Our workshops are regularly booked to full capacity, and it is therefore advisable to place orders for the manufacture of costumes several weeks
or even months ahead of time. The price depends on the choice and volume of the fabric, the ornateness of the detail, the application of hand-sewing,
and the time and skills needed.