The Costume and Props Department, an integral part of the Barrandov Film Studio, is one of the largest in Europe. Offering a unique collection of more than 350,000 costumes and accessories, these are conveniently catalogued by category and historical period, ranging from the ancient world to the present day, and from fairy tales to science fiction.
The costume collection is geared primarily for film and television productions, but is also open to the public.


Want to have fun at a company party? Or take part in a Carnival or a historically themed parade? Do you want to be the star of a costume ball?
Whether the Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, the Three Musketeers, or many other themes, our large and varied collection is guaranteed to offer something
for everyone. Our extensive collection of props can help you to furnish any set, and features tens of thousands of pieces of furniture, carpets, curtains, decorative fabrics and a variety of props from various historical time periods.


With regard to the vast scope and large organizational structure of the costume collections, which are primarily geared for the use of professional filmmakers, the assistance of a professional in-house wardrobe master is required, in order to prepare the costume and fit it for any alterations.
The service must be ordered in advance by appointment.


Business hours

Mon–Fri 7 am–3:30 pm
closed on weekends and bank holidays