On the basis of the provisions issued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, concerning the coronavirus emergency,
Barrandov Studio is making necessary changes in certain aspects of operation in the Costume and Props department.

We kindly ask our customers, that would be interested in using the services of the Costume and Props department, 
to address our staff first by telephone or email and arrange date and time for their visit to our fundus.

Opening hours of the Costume and Props Department for ordered professionals remain the same, MON–FRI 7AM–3:30PM.

Health of our clients and employees is our priority; therefore, we ask you to follow the rules below and we urge you to be considerate. 

You must wear a face covering, covering your mouth and nose, at all times while in the premises. Please use respirator, mask, or scarf. 

At the entrance to our building please disinfect your hands.

Keep the distance of at least 2 meters from other people.

We would also like to inform you that our Costume and Props Department (Fundus) is equipped with ionizers and that we put the returned items to a 3 days quarantine in order to prevent the possible spread of the disease. 

These measures are valid until further notice. 

For security reasons, we try to make appointments with single client at the time to avoid unnecessary contact.

Also, we are able to convey your costume and props selection requests “remotely” - online via e-mail,
telephone and video conferencing, with no need to pay your visit to our warehouses or even to the Czech Republic

For foreign orders, we can provide complete transport of costumes and props around the world.
We cooperate with renowned transport companies and we are ready to meet your specific requirements.
For countries outside the EU, we will provide the ATA Carnet documents required for customs transport.​

For detailed information please contact the respective sales department.




Web pages for the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic for upate information on the coronavirus emergency:​


edit:   22. 10. 2020   13:45