The Barrandov Costume Department (Fundus), an integral part of the Barrandov Studio, is one of the largest costume rental services in Europe. Its unique collection of more than 350,000 costumes and accessories is conveniently organized by category, historical period and genre, ranging from the ancient world to the present day, and from fairy tales to science fiction.

The Barrandov Costume Department provides costumes for both Czech and international productions. In the past, we have helped “dress” the famous film
by Miloš Forman Amadeus, which went on to win an Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Barrandov Studio has contributed costumes to major international productions such as Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Edith Piaf biopic La vie en Rose,
as well as loaning a set of Renaissance period costumes for the Irish historical series The Tudors. The Barrandov costume department workshops manufactured costumes for the Danish historical drama A Royal Affair, the Swedish film Simon and the Oaks, the German biographical drama Hannah Arendt or the Czech Television period series První republika (The First Republic).

Extra Services

As an extra service, we offer assistance in selecting costumes for clients who do not have the option to send a whole team to Prague and only bring the principal costume designer. As a matter of priority, the service is offered to our regular clients and its availability depends on the schedule and capacity of our specialized staff – wardrobe masters and assistants who provide the service. If our in-house staff is not available at the moment, we can recommend external wardrobe assistants.


Business hours

Mon–Fri 7 am–3:30 pm
closed on weekends and bank holidays

Dominika Charousová
Sales Reprasentative
  +420 267 072 214 


Emergency stand-by for professional customers:
  +420 267 072 220